1-Minute, 1-Serving Microwave Brownies!

I made this tasty treat this weekend after we went to a family luncheon on Friday and I realized that I forgot to pack a special treat for my son! I always bring him a special dessert, so he doesn’t feel left out while everyone else is indulging in Maggiano’s Apple Crostada, Caramelized Banana Pound Cake, and iced lemon cookies. He was sad that he didn’ t have anything to eat, and I was sad it completely slipped my mind.

On Saturday morning, he woke up early, and I made him a quick recipe that I’d found online and was dying to try. Behold the 1-minute, 1-serving mug brownies that were made in the microwave! brody_brownie

Presentation was good, but the brownie itself was rather bland. I did not use the Dark Chocolate Stevia that the recipe called for, so I melted Enjoy Chocolate Chips and drizzled them over the top. That satisfied his sweet tooth, but I need to work on this cake to generate more flavor in the future.

I’m not posting the recipe, only because I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand. However, there are many recipes like this online! I suggest googling microwave mug cake or microwave mug brownie or microwave mug cookie and add your dietary restrictions to the beginning or end of the search field.

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