Happy (Healthy) Halloween!

Today’s K/1 cooking project was a ton of fun. It was the day before Halloween, and I wanted to prepare something festive, but without any sugar because I knew the students would be getting a ton of it tonight while Trick or Treating. I Googled a few ideas and consistently came up with Tangerine Pumpkins and Banana Ghosts. Super cute ideas, but together the projects would only take a few minutes, and I have each group of students for 45 minutes. So, I referred to my favorite blogs Choosing Raw and Oh She Glows to find some allergy-free favorites.

On Choosing Raw, I found Sweet Potato Jack-O-Lanterns, which were cooked sweet potatoes cut into discs, then decorated with chocomole, which is an avocado-based dessert with pudding-like texture made with only dates, raw cacao powder, vanilla extract, and water! We put the pudding in plastic baggies and cut a hole in the end and assisted the students piping the faces onto their veggies. They couldn’t get enough, and the chocomole tastes like heaven when hidden on fruits and veggies. We later tried mixing sunbutter with the chocomole, and it tasted like Nutella — only healthy!

On Oh She Glows, I remembered seeing Apple Mouths featured. We sliced apples, used sunflower seed butter and/or strawberry jelly for the inside of the mouths, and sunflower seeds for the teeth instead of the suggested almonds in order to avoid nuts.


Most of the students didn’t want to eat their creations because they were so proud of their creations. The best part? They ate tangerines, celery, bananas, sweet potatoes, apples, avocados, and dates without even knowing!

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