Gooey Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Doughnuts

My daughter’s class hosts a bake sell every Wednesday in November, and with the proceeds her class takes a field trip to Target where they purchase gifts for low-income families. My son is usually unable to participate in bake sales, so I make it my mission to provide treats for all children with allergies, so they can stand in line and choose a baked good just like everyone else.

For this week’s bake sale, I made these super rich, gooey, soft, and chewy double chocolate chip doughnuts called Gooey Vegan Chocolate Doughnuts from Baked Doughnuts for Everyone, featured on the Choosing Raw website. It took FOREVER to make forty doughnuts because I only have one doughnut tray that has a mold for six. I considered purchasing more trays, but I figured it would increase my cooking time significantly, and I wanted to be sure not to overcook these lovely treats. I cooked each of my seven batches for 24 minutes, so that made for a very long night. Went to bed at 3am and got up at 6am to glaze each of them. I did not double up any of the batches of wet/dry ingredients because doughnuts can be very finicky and need to be measured precisely. I did continue mixing old glaze that remained in the bowl with new glaze, and I would not do that again because the mixture was too goopy.

I couldn’t believe how perfect and professional they looked! Parents couldn’t believe I didn’t buy them, and students couldn’t believe they tasted so good, even though they were free of the top allergens! My favorite responses are, “What are in these things?” and “Thank you for making my child feel included! Normally he can’t eat anything at bake sales.” But the best part is when the child takes a bite and surprisingly says, “Wow, these are REALLY good!” Yes, yes they are.


2 thoughts on “Gooey Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate Doughnuts

  1. Brilliant! At my sons’ school they now have a separate space for the vegan goodies as there are a number of other kids who don’t eat dairy because of allergies. My boys love it when they can just go up and buy a cake… so doing late night baking and early morning decorating sounds very familiar 😉 Well done you!

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