One Bowl Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

I’m starting to think that my blog is one big plug for Oh She Glows, but all of her recipes are so good! But just one last post before I do more recipe testing for other blogs. I took my own advice as I mentioned in How Do I Go Allergy-Free, printed a ton of recipes that looked good, added them to my binder, and now they are my go-to when I’m looking a recipe for which I have all of the ingredients on hand.


One Bowl Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies – gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free, soy free)

I am so amazed by how fluffy and fantastic these cookies turned out. It was a last minute recipe I threw together while I was cooking dinner, and it is definitely one of my favorite cookies. It was even better that I didn’t have to get two bowls dirty. My only advice to to be sure not to over-mix/over-beat, especially when slowly adding the oat flour. Behold, One Bowl Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies* (gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, soy-free, nut-free, and vegan). I used a super dark cacao bar imported from Italy for the chunky chocolatey goodness. It helped redeem the terrible dinner that even Tabasco Sauce couldn’t make better. So we basically ate cookies for dinner on Saturday night. Fortunately the kids didn’t complain!


*Note: I have now made these cookies twice, and the method explained in the recipe states to beat each ingredient in one at a time, but that left me with very tough cookies. The second time I made them, I added all the dry ingredients on top of the wet, then I used a whisk to blend just the dry ingredients together while they sat atop the wet. Once all the dry ingredients were blended, then I slowly combined the wet and dry together until just blended and added the chocolate chunks, then baked. Much better consistency, and even easier than the first method!


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