How I Saved Mommy’s Day (a guest post)

Hi! I am Maleah, and my mommy got stung by a bee today!

20140418-142637.jpg She sat down on a chair that was warm and cozy, but then she was like “What is that?” and it turns out she got stung by a bee.

So, she called me to help her after Daddy gave her a goodbye kiss in case she didn’t make it through the pain. I found her steamed plantain leaves* that she had stored in ice cube trays in the freezer, then I put it on right where she got stung. Within seconds the stinging went away, and she fell in love with me all over again!


*Plantain leaves are nature’s band-aide, and according to A Kid’s Herb Book , it’s also “the bee sting plant.” I store plantain mashes in the freezer for these exact situations — to eliminate the stinging from bee stings, and to heal poison oak, cuts, wounds, and sores. The mash is made by lightly steaming dried plantain leaves in a bit of water for a few minutes, then adding the steamed mixture, including the water, to a food processor. Place the mash in a cheesecloth (this is when it is called a poultice) and put directly on the area needed. Store extra mash in ice cube trays in the freezer for easy access in the event of an emergency like the one today 🙂

Dried plantain leaves can be purchased online from Pacific Botanicals or Mountain Rose Herbs

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