This Week’s “Spring Style Me Challenge”


Still not food related, but last week I mentioned that I joined the Spring Style Me Challenge through Get Your Pretty On, written by a mom who has an adorable casual chic style that I love, so this is the 2nd of 3 Wednesday posts about the challenge. Out of the past seven days, I followed her dressing guidelines on four of them since dressing for weekend holiday festivities and farm field trips took precedence over the challenge.

So far, my favorite piece that I used for the challenge is the boyfriend jeans! I initially hated them, because it’s been nearly impossible to find a pair that fit, so instead I took a pair of boot cut Lucky Brand Jeans to Forest Tailoring, and the seamstress took in the extra fabric on the sides and shortened the hem. Voila — my own custom boyfriend jeans!l I am sporting them today (Wednesday’s outfit), and I love the fit and feel!


Only 1 1/2 weeks left in the challenge, and I will be crushed when I don’t have someone telling me what to wear every day. It’s been so fun having a daily formula, such as today’s striped tank, boyfriend jeans, bright boyfriend cardigan, and either printed shoes or comfy tennies (perfect for cooking in my son’s class today). Super simple and fun. I already can’t wait until the upcoming Summer Style Me Challenge that doesn’t even exist yet!

My husband actually said to me yesterday, “I like the way you’re putting together your clothes. You don’t look frumpy anymore.” Haha — I have to admit that I agree!

Some of my fellow bloggers from the challenge are posting their outfits and style as well, so be sure to visit them below! And we sure do love comments ❤

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8 thoughts on “This Week’s “Spring Style Me Challenge”

  1. Love that pink sweater in the last photo, where did you get it?! Makes me sad that I won’t have anyone telling me what to wear too…boo! I like not having to think about what to wear.

    • Thank you! I bought it from a thrift store in New Orleans — it still had the tags on it! The brand is Tulle, and it has a cute lightweight hood in the back that I haven’t yet seen on any other BF cardigans.

  2. No way you were ever “frumpy” but that is hilarious! Love the looks you put together! Especially Thursday’s shorts! So jealous of shorts! Ha! Love the long scarf that way with them too!

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