My Kids Made Their Lunches!

A few weeks ago on the way to school one morning, I was frustrated that my car permanently has a 2-foot high pile of shoes, clothing, sports equipment, and lunch containers thrown throughout. At that moment, I declared that anything the kids left in the car after 9pm at night, I would take and keep for a full week. And if they tried to give me the “I didn’t want that anyways” then I would go in their rooms and take five things they really do want and keep those for a week — including cleats and shin guards they’d need for their games during the week. I think they understood because they have been much better at picking up their things.

Until last night, that is… I woke up in the morning, prepared to make lunches, and I found no lunchboxes inside. Both of the big kids left them in the car! So, I told them they had to get their lunch boxes, clean them out, and make their own lunches. Oh, the whining that ensued! I made it clear they didn’t have to make their lunches, but no one else was going to, either. Brody started freaking out that he didn’t have time to make it. Dude, you have an hour before school starts. You have time.

This is one of those times as a parent that you have to look the other way and hope that they do a halfway decent job of making their lunches. I started to give them the requirements: one veggie, one fruit… and Brody cut me off and said, “If I’m making my lunch, you don’t get to tell me what to put in it.” Enough said. I headed on over to the bathroom to start getting ready for work.


Lunchbox Ideas – Spinach & Just Mayo sandwich, Sunbutter and Jelly sandwich, Sea’s Gift seaweed, watermelon, cucumbers

Much to my surprise, the kids had made their lunches, and they did just as good of a job as I would have — if not better — because now they’re actually going to eat everything because they took the time to make it! They both had watermelon, cucumbers, Sea’s Gift seaweed, and they only differed with the sandwiches. Brody had a Sunbutter and grape jelly sandwich on his gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan Brown Rice Bread that you have to toast TWICE for it to be edible (but at least he can have a sandwich like everyone else, and that’s all he wants in life). Maleah had fresh spinach leaves and Just Mayo vegan mayonnaise (non-GMO and nothing artificial!) sandwich on Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread. Proud mommy moment. And I had time to get ready instead of throwing my hair in a ponytail and running out the door. I could get used to this!

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