Final Week of the “Spring Style Me Challenge”!

This is the final week of the Spring Style Me Challenge I’ve been participating in for the last three weeks. It’s been fun going out of my comfort zone and wearing new styles of clothing, mixing different pieces together that I normally wouldn’t, and starting to accessorize. My favorite part is that I don’t need to think about what to wear each morning! Out of the last seven days, below are the four that I wore as part of the challenge (although today’s outfit I just pieced together because I’ll be working in the 90 degree hot sun teaching gardening and cooking outside with my son’s K/1 class today). The days I didn’t participate in the challenge were days that the put together outfits didn’t fit into my lifestyle — hiking with my 3-year old at Mountain School, driving the kids around to soccer games, and teaching at The Dailey Method (and having an excuse to wear yoga pants all day!)

What I learned the most from this challenge was that it’s so simple to mix and match outfits with clothing that you already have. By purchasing just a few basics, you have so many outfits that never get old. This has been perfect for my office attire, where I usually dress so casually, and I’ve needed to step it up a casual notch for a while now. I am already looking forward to the Summer Style Me Challenge coming up soon!  20140430-103055.jpg

Some of my fellow bloggers from the challenge are posting their outfits and style as well, so be sure to visit them below! And we sure do love comments ❤

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7 thoughts on “Final Week of the “Spring Style Me Challenge”!

  1. It really is super easy to mix and match the pieces that Alison picked out! And they work really well with what is in my closet too! Love the looks you have created 🙂

  2. I agree with you. This challenge has definitely allowed me to think about what I have and to put things together in a new way. I’m looking forward to the summer challenge as well!

  3. Love your looks this week! And the yellow jeans! I’m so glad to have found your blog! The protein smoothie you posted today looks delish!! I wanna make it!!

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