Bulletproof Coffee

Has anyone else heard of this new meal replacement? Before you try it, READ THIS! I’d heard about it previously from a nutritionist that a cup of coffee mixed with coconut oil and grass-fed butter (also known as Bulletproof Coffee) would be a great meal replacement because of the calories and fat and a myriad of other performance-related benefits. I assumed this to be true, but about a week later I stumbled across this article in GT Weekly entitled Fat Chance: Is the butter-in-coffee fad really good for you? It turns out that it is IF AND ONLY IF you’re on a strict paleo diet. And how many people can say that they really are? Per the article:

“He’s not giving you the full story physiologically, and what he’s leaving out is really important,” says Dr. Dawn Motyka of KUSP’s Ask Dr. Dawn. For instance: “You absolutely cannot have any starch or sugar with this.” And no matter how tempting it may be, Asprey really should warn his followers not to add sugar. “That would be horrible, because then that fat is just going to circulate in your arteries; you can’t burn it.”

The trend is really only OK for people who are on a strict paleo diet—for more than just that day.

“If you’re eating paleo, after a couple of weeks your body adjusts and you produce different enzymes, and your body starts to burn fat, and when you do that that’s great, but the adaptation relies on you not eating sugars,” says Motyka.

Another article I’m digging is Bulletproof Coffee Pros and Cons, which states:

I would stay away from any radical diet plans and suggestions. The real Bulletproof body you are looking for, is built in the gym and supplied with nutrition from long term planned eating habits, such as the Mediterranean Diet, for example.

Obviously, you can find literature to support whatever view you have at any given time. However, I agree with the last quote, and just eat real food! Plants, lots and lots of plants. All colors of plants, different types of plants — a rainbow of them. I don’t know anyone who ever got sick from eating too many fruits and vegetables.

Don’t get me wrong, one of my favorite indulgences is grabbing a gourmet coffee drink and a pastry. But the next time you consider going for a cup of Bulletproof, be sure to consider it only if you’re on a strict paleo diet.

If you don’t know what a paleo diet is, then you might want to stick with a regular cup of Joe 🙂

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