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me and the kidsWelcome to May We Be Allergy-Free! This is our household mantra and lifestyle, and it is with great pride that I work hard to accommodate everyone with food allergies in every capacity possible. I am a mother of three children (with baby #4 on the way!), of which one has severe allergies and one has food sensitivities.

My passion is to help children with food allergies feel included and the same as children without food allergies by introducing recipes and meals that are completely allergy-free and tasty! I am not a chef, I do not invent my own recipes, and this is not a cooking blog. Instead, I am a parent who has a child with severe allergies who sees how important it is for our special needs children to fit in and be just like everyone else by supporting and encouraging parents who are new to the allergy world or who know nothing about food allergies, but want to help make a difference.

Scenario 1: A parent brings a birthday treat to class to celebrate her child’s birthday, and the allergy-ridden child goes to the cupboard to get her dry, packaged treat while *supposedly* no one notices.

Scenario 2: A child attends a birthday party and while his friends eat pizza and cake, he brings his own snack and dessert in separate containers and *hopes* that no one thinks his food is gross.

Scenario 3: A parent brings food for cooking and/or snack time, and while the children participate in the food-related activity, the child skips snack all together and heads for the playground, so that she’s not jealous of the food that everyone else gets to eat.

Scenario 4: A child won’t attend birthday parties and doesn’t get invited to playdates and sleep overs because that child’s food needs are too much work.

These scenarios happen every single day to our children with allergies, and through education, support, and encouragement, it’s what I am on a mission to avoid. This blog is intended to help parents of children either with or without allergies learn that accommodating everyone can be fast, easy, and manageable.

Our family of five

Our family of five


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