School Potluck: Seaweed Salad

My son’s class had a potluck today, so I made an allergy-friendly dish by asking the vegan child in class what she would like me to make. Of all the cooking projects we have done (documented here), she chose last week’s Seaweed Salad! seaweedsaladWe used ground ginger and garlic powder instead of the fresh spices simply because it was faster, and I believe the toasted sesame seeds are what make the dish, so don’t skimp on the 10 minutes of toasting! It’s the easiest dish ever, and sea vegetables like wakame (also known as seaweed or kelp) are so good for you! Google them to find out why 🙂 It’s amazing how many children chowed down on this dish in class today — second and third helpings until it was all gone. It made my heart melt ❤

And while I’m on the topic of health (as if I’m ever NOT on the topic of health), I wanted to mention my new favorite deodorant. I’ve heard a lot thaicrystallately about how toxic deodorant is, and with my lifestyle, I simply can’t live without it. I have tried the salt crystal deodorant called Thai Deodorant Stone, and while it works great on my husband, it didn’t work at all on me. It rates a tiny little “1” on the Cosmetics Database Product Rating Guide (available at Whole Foods/Whole Body), but it simply did not earthsciencework. Then I tried Earth Science Natural Deodorant, Tea Tree Lavender, but I swear it made me smell even worse than when I didn’t wear any! It also rated only a “1” on the database. This week I tried a different one that my sweet, equally health claydryconscious friend, Cherri, told me about Zion Health ClayDry Deodorant Original Scent (available at Whole Foods/Whole Body), and I love it! Unfortunately, it does rate a “3” according to the database, but none of the ingredients are cancer-causing, as most of the leading antiperspirant and/or deodorants are. What is your favorite deodorant?

If you’d like to make a change to your beauty products, slowly start checking them on the database as you start running out of product and replace it with healthier alternatives.