Reviews: Gluten Free & Egg Free Prepared Pizza Crusts

If your child suffers from gluten and egg allergies, you know how hard it is to find breads, doughs, and pizzas that will accommodate and actually taste good. When the gluten (the sticky “glue” that holds the product together) is eliminated, many many eggs are used as a replacement to offset the lack of stickiness that the gluten provided. When you can’t have gluten and eggs, it makes finding bread products very challenging. Lately I have found several options for gluten free AND egg free pizza crusts, so here are my favorites in order of preference.

1. Imagine It Bakery‘s Pizza Crust (Brand New Product!) – I found this gem at the Campbell Farmer’s Market this past weekend, and I decided to write a post based on how excited I was. The crust is thick and doughy pizzacrust_imagineitbakeryand the closest thing to “real” pizza that I have found. I bought all the ones they had at the market and store them in the freezer at home. I love this particular vendor because they sell only allergy-free products, so my son can always get something to eat when we stroll downtown for the Sunday market.

2. Vicolo’s Gluten Free Corn Meal Crust – This is in the refrigerated section at pizzacrust_vicolo_gfcornmealWhole Foods, and this is a great option when you don’t have the crust listed above, but you do have time to run to the store. It’s hearty and holds up well to sauce and toppings.


3. Namaste Foods Pizza Crust Mix – This is my very least favorite, but I listed it because it is gluten free and vegan, maybe a good pizzacrust_namasteuse when the above two are not available? I have baked this on a cookie sheet and a cast iron pizza pan, and the results turned out better on the cast iron pan, but not good enough to love. The dough is spongy and odd tasting — exactly what you would expect if you didn’t have allergies and had to assume what an allergy-free pizza dough would taste like. The sauce absorbs so quickly into the dough that it does get a bit soggy. I found that if you flip the pizza halfway through cooking on the cast iron pan, it turns out better, but still not wonderful.

Other types of allergy-free pizzas:

Plant-Based Pizza in San Jose, CA – If you’re looking for a fast-food gluten free AND egg free pizza crust, then the gluten-free pizza here is a wonderful option. This is what I pick up when we are invited to pizza potlucks and birthday parties, so that it looks like we are eating the same thing as everyone else. It’s a super thin crust that is more like a cracker than a pizza, but it absolutely does the job.

Vicolo’s Organic Corn Meal Crust is my very favorite pizza crust of all time that is vegan, but unfortunately it is not gluten free. pizzacrust_vicolo_cornmealIt is sold in the refrigerated section at Whole Foods. I stock up on these and store them in the freezer for when I need them. They are hearty, delicious, and I love the texture.


The topic of gluten-free AND egg-free breads will be an entirely different post. What are your favorite allergy-free bread options?